2006 grand cherokee 4.7 liter code po 108 andd code PO 300.


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Just bought it and was showing misfire and running as if a vacuum leak. got codes from diagnosis w ith jeep dealership. The diagnostic read out showed p te following codes P2320
i replaced the coil pack in cylinder 8
I replaced all 8 plugs with 40 gap
I replaced the battery
I replaced the MAP sensor on the throttle body
I replaced the Throttle intake position sensor
I took a propane tank with small hose attached to it and tried to locate any vacuum hose laks but could not get any results or location of anything leaking.
After doing all of the above I cleared the codes on computer and drove it for about 15 miles. The idle origionally was running high but once I replaced the MAP sensor it immediately went to a much lower idle speed. Almost to the point where it was going to shut off but never did. While sitting at traffic light It was idling so rough that It was jumping so I had to put it in park and rev engine to a higher rpm. Once I got home I did another code read and all was much better with onlu two codes showing up. PO 108 and PO300 As you know one of the codes stated barometric pressure ionisation was high and am not sure what to check or do about that problem. So the jep is much better but still must find thode other two code problems. I would greatly appreciatio


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I would greatly ap[preciate feed back and suggestions on the last two issues I face with the two codes. Thanks guys for your help. Larry

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