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    Anyone ever see a Rambox blow up?

    Well first thing I thought about was gas fumes but it's a Diesel 2500 so I don't think it's diesel fumes.
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    Anyone ever see a Rambox blow up?

    Additional pics fire department showed up and everything
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    Anyone ever see a Rambox blow up?

    My brother in law was pulling out on the road from a stop and the Rambox just exploded. He wasnot carring anything explosive. I guess Stellantis is doing a investigation.
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    AUCTION: High-Velocity Yellow Demon-Powered Jeep® Gladiator Goes To Barrett-Jackson!

    Owning a Hellephant Trackhawk myself I can't imagine going WOT from a dead stop in the Gladiator The Trackhawk it handles well...but with a Hellcat in my CJ7 with a 4L80 and old style Quadra Trac from a 1976 Waggy Triangled double triangles axles with 16 inches of travel front and...
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    Dealership Damages

    So I brought the Trackhawk in a couple weeks ago for new tires. Mopar was running a special buy 3 get the 4th free.. of coure these are Pirelli Run Flats @ better that $500 each. The technician broke my tire pressure transponder.... that cost e almost $80 dollars to replace plus a whole day...
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    FIRST DRIVE: 2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio:

    I was torn between this and the Trackhawk. After living with and driving the Trackhawk for 1 1/2 years.. I haven't regretted my decision yet. Although the Alfa is still cool.
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    CAUGHT: Our Best Look Yet Of The 2022 Jeep® Grand Wagoneer (WS):

    It would have been a nod to the previous versions if they would have slanted the rear side window back along the D pillar like the 1970's thru 1989 models. Instead it has a "Japanese " feel like a Lexus or Infinity.
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    OPINION: STELLANTIS – A Bad Deal For Chrysler And The United States:

    I firmly believe working in the aircraft industry that the Chinese want to own everything that makes something.. or if not copy it and sell it cheap.
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    LIVE: Return of Wagoneer, Reveal of Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited 4xe:

    I like the idea.. but did they have to make it look like a Lincoln?
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    Ram 1500 TRX Launch Edition: Raptor Beware

    I contacted my dealer about getting a launch edition... woohoo
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    Brampton Returns With One Shift...

    Nice to see things reopening. I was thinking just opening the paint and prep areas must be monumental
  12. B Shows Us Some New Leaked Images Of The Upcoming Ram TRX:

    I could trade the Trackhawk for this in a minute
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    New Ford Bronco Spy Shots Show Beefier Tires, Fenders

    It looks like in the last pictures Ford stole the Wrangler design from the A pillar on back
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    The Dodge Horsepower Challenge, Begins Today!

    A quarter mile on an incline? Really? Pikes Peak has nothing to do with it?
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    The Dodge Horsepower Challenge, Begins Today!

    Well from my associates from .we have a thread going there and I guess FCA screws up again! What people were told was the correct answer for week one wasn't .....the first correct one (4:16 minutes ) wasn't now they apparently have a six car week give away for the...
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    FCA Files Patent Related To Upcoming Turbo Inline-6:

    Does anyone know if the in line six has a hemispherical combustion chamber? It could still be a Hemi 6...
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    The Dodge Horsepower Challenge, Begins Today!

    6.19 wasn't the answer. ..
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    The Dodge Horsepower Challenge, Begins Today!

    I'm between 5.19.99 seconds and 6.56 minutes
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    The Dodge Horsepower Challenge, Begins Today!

    I'm way above 3.7 minutes because that at 203 mph for 12.42 miles on a flat line
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    The Dodge Horsepower Challenge, Begins Today!

    One angry bee brings me down to 40