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    Dodge Unveils 2024 Hornet R/T GLH Concept with Direct Connection Upgrades

    Starting to look a little more like a Dodge. Fix that blaaah front end and we might have something.
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    500X Shows Up On “2023 Best Value New Cars” Affordability Report

    Daughter bought one. Good little car so far. She loves it
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    All Hands Are On Deck Trying To Save Belvidere Assembly Plant

    Stellantis the multinational is playing this like a song. They will indicate closure to prompt the state to give massive incentives to keep the plant open. This was predicted by many months ago. Meanwhile , the American taxpayer is on the hook again.
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    Can You Guess How Much This 2001 Dodge Dakota SLT Quad Cab 4×4 Went For Recently?

    My dad and a friend still have a couple 02 they bought new. This gen was a massive step back in rust proofing from the first gen., especially after the krauts cheaped them up. But awesome trucks nonetheless. Perfect size for most jobs. Nearly bulletproof.
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    SPOTTED: 2023 Dodge Hornet C-SUV Prototype!

    What a yawn. This could be anything. Toyota Chevy Hyundai Kia. Absolutely nothing style wise to set it apart. I’m sure they will sell like crazy though. After all, it’s an SUV right?
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    Chrysler’s 12-Year-Old Electrified Sports Sedan, Still Looks Good!

    Amazing. The old concept is infinitely easier on the eyes than the Airflow blob.
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    Meet The All-Electric Chrysler Airflow Graphite Concept!

    Moving on. Will cherish the memories. Chrysler is long since DOA. Too much time has passed since new product came along, and the last three swings were strikes, 300 not withstanding.
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    Meet The All-Electric Chrysler Airflow Graphite Concept!

    Bar of soap. Yawn……….
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    Two edged sword

    Remember insurance rates are all based on statistical data, not headlines. When I bought my youngest son his Challenger, I was amazed to find the rates on a Challenger are cheaper than rates on a Charger. Go figure.
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    Stellantis announce the Chrysler brand go all BEV in 2028

    But you of all people on this forum have made the case in the past that it is hard to justify the expenditures on the Chrysler brand. Bill is just saying it’s not his cup of tea. I tend to agree. Chrysler is long since dead. Yes kill it. Spend the money to hopefully for goodness sake keep Dodge...
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    Stellantis announce the Chrysler brand go all BEV in 2028

    A niche ? Offering something every other automaker on the planet has already committed all future development to would not be considered a niche. This will be a 10 year experiment in failure. Brand is dead. Let it die.
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    Betty White and Plymouth, RIP

    Thanks for sharing! Two awesome icons gone too soon.
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    The Fiat 500X Returns To North America With A Few New Tricks Up It’s Sleeve!

    Total waste of precious resources in NA.
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    HELLCAT The World – Take A Ride In A Chrysler 300 SRT Hellcat!

    You’re hilarious. Quoting the blowhard Brock Yates to accuse another of being a blowhard. I’ve read his book. I’ve also read probably a dozen others that point things out in a different light . You didn’t like Lee. You don’t like chrome , or vinyls on roofs, or wire wheels. These are all...
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    HELLCAT The World – Take A Ride In A Chrysler 300 SRT Hellcat!

    The world disagrees with you , but keep calm friend. You are entitled to your opinion, unfounded as it may be.
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    HELLCAT The World – Take A Ride In A Chrysler 300 SRT Hellcat!

    But he was smart enough to buy our precious Jeep jewel. Lee was no saint, but hells bells, he saved the company before hero SM got his turn at it. Say what you want, it’s a fact. Company would not have been around to hand over to bone head Eaton if Iacocca hadn’t been a shrewd business man.
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    Dodge teaser program

    No problem. I guess it’s what you do when you only have two models to sell. Too bad we even have to have their discussion about Dodge only having two sixteen year old models to sell.
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    Dodge teaser program

    Good stuff, but really no news here. What we are witnessing is the execs at Dodge making one last ditch effort to keep interest in a small, one dimensional, ancient product line up by playing to the target market for these two models just as hard as they can. They have managed to do it for a few...
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    Dodge teaser program

    Wow, sort of puts this current shambles into perspective. The Chrysler Corporation, minuscule in size compared to this international whatever we have now, yet a FULL portfolio of vehicles, all fresh designs, cutting edge, brought to market on time, on budget. Sigh………….