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    The Future Of The Chrysler Brand Is Coming In The Form Of Crossovers:

    Good evening, nice work Ryan i like it, this would nicely fill a gap in Chryslers line up. Good times ahead. MOPAR Always!
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    GM Closing in Oshawa Ontario

    Good morning. All production workers have left the plant apparently told to do so by union. Not looking good. MOPAR Always !
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    GM Closing in Oshawa Ontario

    Just read that Richard Southern of 680 News Toronto is reporting that GM will soon announce that it is closing all of its Oshawa operations. A vp from G M got back to him saying that they have no news or comment tonight & won't be commenting on others speculation.
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    Happy Thanksgiving All!

    To all my American MOPAR friends Happy Thanksgiving Enjoy & be safe. MOPAR Always!
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    Mopar Dodge//SRT Driver Capps Takes 60th Career Victory at Pacific Raceways:

    All in all a good weekend for MOPAR & DSR. Thank you for great article. MOPAR always!
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    Mopar Dodge 1320 Top Fuel Driver Pritchett Rockets To Victory!

    Impressive, love it! Congrats to all ! MOPAR Always!
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    Manley named CEO....

    Wishing Sergio nothing but a speedy & complete recovery, i believe he worked tiredlesslie to achieve his goals one of which was to save Chrysler, Dodge ,Jeep & Ram, for this i thank him very much. Without him who knows what they would look like today. Mike Manley would be my choice he appears to...
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    The Gist On The 2019 Dodge Challenger 1320 Drag Pack:

    Great article thanks. Can't believe how many amazing Challenger models there are, if I was in the market for one by the time choose it the next gen would be here, don't know if I could choose just one. Glad & sad at same time that i dom't have to make such a decision lol. MOPAR Always!
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    Mopar Teams Have A Great Friday At The NHRA New England Nationals:

    I never realized how close in speed & time these 2 classes were running eye opening for me lol. MOPAR Always!
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    New style

    Awesome job, like it ! You guys are doing such incredible things here thank you.
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    FCA US Quality Improvement Outpaces Industry Average for 3rd Consecutive Year

    Fit & finish on my 2017 300 also very good, so far no rattles or squeeks & really don't expect any. My 2009 300 absolutely quiet & it has 230000 k on it. MOPAR Always!
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    Ram Looking At Adding A Pursuit Rated 1500 To The Mix?

    Being used in law enforcement just adds credibility to a vechicle or at least perception of. Good to see FCA go after this market since capacity restraints will no longer be an issue. MOPAR Always!
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    UPDATE: Meet The 2019 Dodge Charger GT RWD:

    Do we know what percentage of retail sales for the awd models, does FCA even break it down? I do like the stance of the awd. Thanks in advance MOPAR Always!
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    2019 Dodge Durango Pursuit - Ready For Action:

    Looks like Dodge has a winner here hopefully those in charge of purchasing see it that way ,if they do should see a lot more happy patrol officers both 2 & 4 legged. MOPAR Always!
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    FCA to Pursue Creation of a Captive Financing Arm

    I would think it would make its way to Canada, really nothing to loose for FCA & will make selling its product that much easier re another credit option. MOPAR Always!
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    Next-Generation Dodge Durango Goes BoF!

    I wonder also if they might make a less optioned lower tech. version of Pacific eg: Chrysler caravan to pick up some of the low cost market Dodge will be leaving behind. MOPAR Always!
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    A New Midsized Ram Pickup Is Coming:

    Do we know if this will be body on frame or unibody ? Good to see Ram get back into this market. MOPAR Always !
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    Hello from Texas

    Welcome, it is so interesting to read about peoples MOPAR experiences , i also had a 93 Dynasty i hated to see it go thought it was a great car. MOPAR Always!
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    FCA US Sales: May 2018

    Forgot all about GM doing that, still pretty good againt mustang. Chrysler brand will benefit from it's portion of the 25% & once that starts showing up FCA will be in pretty good shape. Thanks for response. MOPAR Always!
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    FCA US Sales: May 2018

    I would think a good month for FCA. Apparently less than a hundred sales behind Toyota. Does anyone know how Challenger stacked up against mustang & camaro ? MOPAR Always!