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    Ram To Introduce A New Midsize Pickup Concept At Dealer Meeting In March

    Wow could they actually be thinking of a Dakota replacement, well i am not going to hold my breath. And no we don't need another Honda Ridgeline they already have a mini van that can do that. It has to be a smaller version of the 1500 with similar styling and competitive payload and towing...
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    Ram Gives Us Our First Look & The Official Name For Its All-New BEV Pickup

    Yawn, Wheres the real news where they said Ram is offering the 392 in a street 1500. And i must of missed the part where they talked about a Dakota sized truck. Truck should of been called Revolt instead of Rev oh well what do i know.
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    It Doesn’t Look Like The 2023 Dodge Hornet R/T PHEV Will Qualify For A Tax Credit!

    First Dodge if you don't count the 2009 Durango Hybrid i guess. The main reason i won't buy it is because of the weird upswept style of the d pillar looks to much like the Pacifica. As far as price you get what you pay for i guess, incentives with bring the price down to make you feel like...
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    DESIGN: Meet The TRX-Based HELLRAM Sport Truck!

    It was sure nice when they were Dodges and not just st ram, other thank the trx ram hasn't done anything for the half ton for the sport truck crowd. my 2010 R/T Reg cab was awesome back then.
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    DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS: Meet The 2023 Ram 2500 Rebel Crew Cab 4×4:

    Same old body style from 2009 and only a 6 speed auto while the competition have 10 is getting a bit outdated. New hood and mirrors are nothing to write home about.
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    Ram CEO Says Brand Is “Actively & Aggressively” Looking At A Smaller Pickup!

    Wow. Can't believe they are still just talking about this, other manufacturers are on second generation of midsize trucks and bringing in compact trucks. What the heck are they waiting for. I have been buying Dodge trucks for years and this year decided to just buy a used 2019 new style as...
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    Sales Battle: Ram VS The Competition Through Q1 Of 2022

    They should have a reg cab on the newer body style to compete better once the old style is discontinued. And hopefully with a short box.