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    The Great Stellantis Flop at CES

    Cygnus, where did you find this information?
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    Stellantis’ Italian Lancia Brand Looks To An All-New Design Language For Electrification!

    I took the "object" shows as a design language representation, not really something to think of as a concept. I'm reading that they are looking to do bold things, have bold lines, swooping curves, and stand-out attributes (like the rear lights). I applaud them for going bold or going home...
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    BREAKING: Windsor Will Begin Building A New Electrified Vehicle In 2024:

    Lead, Follow, or get out of the way? - L. Iacocca - G. Patton
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    BREAKING: Windsor Will Begin Building A New Electrified Vehicle In 2024:

    Which is often a proxy for sales revenue which is what public traded companies use as their north star :(
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    Plant Shuffle - 2023-2028

    Wasn't the 200 and Dart on the same platform and could have used this plant to keep already invested product delivering? (the cars did sell and many people didn't care about the low roofline and liked the a la cart options for Dart - just not people on this board)
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    OPINION: The Chrysler Brand’s Pathway To An Electrified Future!

    Very interesting read and insights. In many sense political landscape has driven a lot of the electric vehicle movement, driven by some of the political consitituents. The risk is not that it is driven by political, but rather, it is polarized and subject to massive swings. How can you...
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    BREAKING: Windsor Will Begin Building A New Electrified Vehicle In 2024:

    @bill burke you got one of your wishes, with a nod that there is a desire to /replace/ the 300 with a comparable vehicle in a few model years from now - all BEV.
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    GET STUNG! Dodge Reveals New Hornet CUV And Hornet GLH Concept

    I'm confused, I thought the electrified versions were getting the new old logo - or is that the BEV only and not HEV?
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    3L I6 Tornado Hybrids for Cherokee (KM), Grand Cherokee (WL74), and Grand Cherokee L (WL75), Wagoneer and Wagoneer L (WS) are a go

    The 2017 Chrysler 200 was the last Detroit (suburb) manufactured vehicle and USA assembled. The last year was 2016 IIRC (production ended in Dec ? )
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    First electric "Jeep" photographed without camo

    The return of the pillar mount door handle a la Compass - that so many (US) wanted to hate on.
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    Chrysler’s 300 Sedan Could Live On In The Age Of Electrification!

    I agree there are uses for sedans. Dodge will likely keep the fleet market - but then again maybe an electric police vehicle makes sense in urban cities (fast acceleration and quiet patrolling). The question facing leadership is Do you go bold and capture attention/respect/lure (ala...
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    Stellantis Q2 2022 U.S. Sales

    In a market where you are supply constrained, you have a choice, go for volume by removing features and reducing price to make shareholders happy, or reducing volume and increasing profit/unit and making shareholders happy. We keep measuring based on volume, but shareholders care only about...
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    Stellantis Q2 2022 U.S. Sales

    I have heard stories about the Minivan being more popular of late as folks travel (sans train/plane). This may explain why Pacifica is elevating. I predict that Town-n-Country returns as a premium people mover. The Chrysler brand has been quiet and while many have flailed about that, I...
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    FIAT Officially Announces The Name For Its New “Project 376” Vehicle For LATAM!

    Many of the design queues in the concept ring of Vision Airflow. I can't see FIAT in the U.S. or CAN markets in the future for anything that a special edition vehicle or halo car sold at NA (old Chrysler) showrooms. While the 500X is a decent vehicle, the styling is just not winning enough...
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    SPOTTED: 2023 Jeep® Wagoneer & Wagoneer L Look Good On The Street!

    This has the size/class/style that I see would look good in a head of state convoy, but given Stellantis is not as much of a US company as say GM or Ford, I am not sure if you will see the US President riding in one soon.
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    Disgraced Movie Producer Harvey Weinstein Files Lawsuit Against FCA!

    I wanted to ask, have we confirmed that Mr. Weinstein understands the meaning of the word, "stop" ?
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    Owner Drops Off Jeep® For Oil Change And Gets Sued For A Deadly Accident!

    It does seem like it needs to be modernized. Vote accordingly come election time.
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    Owner Drops Off Jeep® For Oil Change And Gets Sued For A Deadly Accident!

    I've found out even more, the Dealer is taking accountability for this, but the laws on the books require the suit to be filed against the property owner. Details on this are at The owner of the Jeep who left his car at the dealer for an oil change is sued for $ 15 million by the mechanic...
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    Owner Drops Off Jeep® For Oil Change And Gets Sued For A Deadly Accident!

    I understand the situation now after reading more about this. It has nothing to do with politics so I'm going to leave that out of this site. The suit is against the property - the Jeep - and that property has an owner who is liable for its actions by law. The 15 million is crazy, and is...
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    Brampton Saved! Stellantis announce retooling Brampton

    I wonder if Cherokee size vehicle will actually go to Chrysler. Given the Compass has grown in size - the size difference between Compass and GC is so small that N.A. buyers are not going for that size vehicle. Moving it to an EV in that size and slapping different styling on it and removing...