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  1. Patrick A51

    Old newby

    Well I'm new here to this forum but welcome aboard.
  2. Patrick A51

    Chemical Guys or Adam's Polishes?

    Good morning, I can't say I have really had any dealings with either company except to have made a purchase from Adams Polishes and the purchase was not any of their polish or automotive washes. I bought some Hand Sanitizer from them. When every one else didn't have hand soap and or hand...
  3. Patrick A51

    Forum will be closed over the next few days

    Jared Although I have not posted to this forum as of yet, I am very glad that you did not change this to a Facebook type group. I don't do Facebook and I will never do Facebook. There seems o be too much drama in Facebook for me. Thank you.
  4. Patrick A51

    Howdy from North Dakota

    Welcome to the forums from Taxifornia aka California.
  5. Patrick A51

    New Member aka Another Old Fart.

    Thank You, I need to go out and drive my JGC and drive my Ram Truck but how do you drive two vehicles at once? lol I really like that Hemi engine. I remember that my Aunt and Uncle and my Father went to a Chrysler dealer in Los Angeles and they ordered a 1956 Chrysler with a Firepower Hemi...
  6. Patrick A51

    New Member aka Another Old Fart.

    Hello everyone, I have been an Mopar Owner for several years now. I run a 2016 2500 Ram Laramie with an IL-6, 6.7L CTD I also run a 2019 JGC Trailhawk with a 5.7L Hemi. My wife and I had to replace our 2016 JGC Overland that some scumbag from Mexico decided that they needed it more than my wife...