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    Jeep® Opens Up Pre-Ordering For India-Built Grand Cherokee Two-Row!

    I was wondering if India will build RHD for Australia?
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    Stellantis Brands Dominate South American Sales For First Half Of 2021:

    I still feel that the FIAT Strada could sell well in many of the RHD markets. I am mainly looking at Australia in this situation. It would probably need to be badged as a RAM or even Jeep, the FIAT name is struggling in Australia, or perhaps this could be what FIAT needs ! Aussies love the...
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    FIAT Brazil Reveals Its New Name For The New “Project 363” SUV:

    Bill, you are quite correct. I am in Australia and I can see potential in a few Brazilian vehicles that might even suit us e.g. the Fiat Toro could make for a nice little Ram ! Thank goodness that we can buy a Ram 1500 that is "remanufactured" locally to RHD, although it comes at a premium...