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  1. djsamuel

    Not looking too bad for over 475,000 miles

    I replaced the transmission at 292,000 miles and rebuilt the engine (new pistons, rings, head, and oil pump) at 347,000 miles. Wheel bearings changed once, and the heater core changed once. It is on its third A/C compressor. That's about it beyond normal maintenance to include two sets of...
  2. djsamuel

    Not looking too bad for over 475,000 miles

    Shows some wear and tear, but not too bad as I approach half a million miles. 04 PT Cruiser
  3. djsamuel

    Any recommendations to do a factory order on a new 2021 or 2022 R/T 392 SPWB Challenger to get at or below MSRP in San Francisco Bay area?

    Same here. I'm looking at replacing my 2009 Ram 1500 with a DT Ram 1500 or a 2500. Used the Build Your Own function on the web site to get an idea of new price, and then started looking at used. What a shock! I'm NOT paying near new prices for a 1 or two year old used vehicle even if it only...
  4. djsamuel

    FCA US LLC Sales Summary Q2 2021

    Yes, I believe it is.
  5. djsamuel

    Passenger Footwell Room

    Thanks! Of course I will be sure to look at the DT and compare, but glad to hear there is at least some difference.
  6. djsamuel

    Passenger Footwell Room

    One annoying thing about our 2009 Ram 1500 is the fact that a bump intrudes into the front passenger side footwell. That forces a passenger to shift their feet a bit to the right. Normally, this is not an issue, but last week we drove the Ram home from NJ to Florida in one day. By the end of the...
  7. djsamuel

    What Should We Cover?

    I think an overview of all brands would be great with more of a concentration of the brands for sale here in North America.
  8. djsamuel

    What a Mess, that is a expensive error... as Springsteen Ad pulled.

    There is also a lot of questions regarding the charge. His BAC was .02, which is 25% the legal limit in NJ of .08. Apparently he was riding his motorcycle and stopped so some people could get a photo with him. Someone gave him a shot of tequila, which he drank and then drove off. A police...
  9. djsamuel

    Newbie here

  10. djsamuel

    How's The Site Thus Far?

    The wind is pretty much out of all forums right now, including Allpar. Just not that many people posting.
  11. djsamuel

    What video games do you play?

    When I get time, I want to try CoD. My daughter and son in law work on that game, my daughter as a lighting artist and my son in law as a tech guy. Figure I should try it.
  12. djsamuel

    Fiat Tipo Cross (spy)

    Wish they'd bring something like that over here as a Chrysler.
  13. djsamuel

    MERGED: FCA & The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Crisis:

    Thanks for being a source of auto related information related to the virus! The other site is going off the rails right now.
  14. djsamuel

    Favorite TV shows?

    MASH - end of discussion. :D
  15. djsamuel

    FCA direction on regulation changes

    That's not relevant to what I was saying. The previous administration initially was pushing to reduce the number of gasoline blends in the country for reasons of cost efficiency. They never delivered on that; but the reasoning then for gasoline blends is the same reasoning for a single...
  16. djsamuel

    FCA direction on regulation changes

    Exactly. I think that is all the companies are looking for.
  17. djsamuel

    FCA direction on regulation changes

    I read in an article somewhere that the companies in this suit are not pushing for a relaxation of the requirements but rather a uniform nationwide requirement, be it the equivalent of CA or even more stringent. I would think that should apply to the various gasoline blends as well. Have a...
  18. djsamuel

    New battery hub at Mirafiori speeds FCA electric product plans

    Any rumors regarding electrification of North American vehicles? I was wondering if the development of electric drive systems may be a cause behind any delays in new Dodge/Chrysler models.