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  1. J

    LUXURY ON A BUDGET: 2023 Chrysler 300 Touring:

    When will Chrysler post it's 2023 build and price? It is currently unavailable in the Canadian website.
  2. J

    This Chrysler 300 SRT HELLCAT Redeye Is The Car Chrysler Should Have Offered!

    Chrysler never built performance cars, they built well engineered, near luxury vehicles that outran everything else on the road. There is a difference. I think most 300 drivers want something luxurious, understated, and faster than most anything else, without racing stripes please! I still...
  3. J

    Stellantis announce the Chrysler brand go all BEV in 2028

    I think a lot of people are underestimating the switch to Phev and Bev and how fast it will happen, as prices drop and styling improves. Gas prices are also driving the switchover. Now that a lot of range anxiety has been eased, and infrastructure is starting to be in place, the change will only...
  4. J

    Chrysler’s 12-Year-Old Electrified Sports Sedan, Still Looks Good!

    Still my favourite Chrysler Concept! I had hoped the 2015 200 would echo it's style, but no joy! It is as classic as the 300's basic body style, and would be a great addition to the Chrysler line up, even now.
  5. J

    2022 500e

    This is really a much more practical car than the original, and would be a good companion to the (revived) Chrysler brand. Market it as the new (sub)urban runabout. I always liked the original style of the 500, FCA really failed in the marketing here, as in none, and no will to maintain or...
  6. J

    Stellantis announce the Chrysler brand go all BEV in 2028

    I have to say that Triple T has it right and the rest of this is whining. There is no white space for Chrysler in ICE production, so it's alternative energy or out. This is Chrysler's ONLY shot at success, and I predict they will do very well as long as the cars are perceived as 'Chryslers'...
  7. J

    Stellantis Releases 34% Decline In Latest Q3 Numbers For Canadian Market!

    Can you imagine Chrysler's increase if they actually had some product on the lots?