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    Some of us knows this is true, but still worth the read: ELECTRIC VEHICLES ARE ‘CHOSEN BY POLITICIANS’ Again, personally I'm not against the EV and BEV in particular, but the push is too aggressive.
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    Jeep "WL74" Grand Cherokee Pricing Revealed And a body-color roof seems to be available on all trims. Though, the configurator now is only allowing it in black exterior color.
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    Rare, never-titled 1979 AMC Spirit AMX

    Not sure in which section to put this.
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    STELLANTIS: 2022 New Cars from Europe That Peugeot reminds me of similar Fiat concept from LATAM.
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    Chrysler is here to stay

    ... at least according to Tavares for now
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    The Hellcat V8’s Days Are Numbered This, coupled with uncertainty of the next generation L-Cars, doesn’t feel good.
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    Part number needed

    I’m looking for the part number for 2019 Scat Pack Rhombi illuminated air catcher headlamps assemblies. Also, I’m wondering if 2019 headlights would fit my 2017 Scat Pack.. I appreciate the help.
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    426 HEMI

    Been told 426HEMI will be in the 50th anniversary Challenger. Then been told the 50th anniversary model won’t be more than a sticker-wheel-color package, and the 426 will first debut in the Ram TR or Grand Cherokee WK3 or the next Challenger SRT/Scat Pack. So what is it? It might good to know...