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    Next generation Charger/Challenger EV Only?

    I don't think it can change to much as if the new cars are going on sale late 2023 as 24 models then the design is mostly already done. Maybe the new challenger will only be able to seat two to make it shorter and lighter? Or maybe make it a convertible?
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    Unofficially “Confirmed” – 2023 Ram 2500 Rebel Package

    *sigh* I hope that isn't true about the 6 speed auto trans. If it is Ram is way behind the times now with everyone else having 10 or 8 speeds.
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    5th Gen DT body on HD trucks

    Almost 3 years, however so long as it happens I will be happy but if not Ram will be far behind both GM and Ford trucks it terms of both power and transmissions as they both have a ten speed and the same power for both the 3/4 and 1 ton trucks not this silly three different options for three...
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    5th Gen DT body on HD trucks

    Hey redriderbob, any info if any you can give about Ram getting a upgraded transmission? I drove a 2022 Ford with the 10 speed and I must say they did a great job. Ram needs a better transmission and only ONE for both the 2500 and 3500 not this crap they do right now with three different options...
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    FCA going forward?

    Thanks. I would read it all the time if I could but I am unable to do so, besides it gives me more to look at every 6 months to a year. :)
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    FCA going forward?

    So first I must say sorry I have been out of the loop for a year but I have been reading trying to get caught up but I have a few questions, First, I can no longer find anything about the Chrysler CUV that was rumored and supposedly testing as a cherokee so anyone know what happened? Next last...
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    Rebel TRX..

    Ummm..... They are a year behind the times as RRB told us this over a year ago and has been showing us spy shots.
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    Will Ram beat Chevy in diesel MPG?

    I know RRB has been telling us that Ram will take back its bragging rights (and in towing and torque it did) but I must say if they get a rating of 34 MPGs YIKES !? Diesel Chevy Silverado 1500 pickup blows past Ford F-150, Ram in mpg
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    What is SRT working on...?

    My guess is that it has something to with the Alfa 8C in Dodge form... Alfa Romeo 8C set to return as a 700 horsepower mid-engine hybrid
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    2020 Ford F-Series Super Duty Unveiled With New 7.3L V8 Engine, 10-Speed Auto

    Okay sorry about the guess on towing (most talk about it like the know everything when they just tow 2000-7000lb). Keep in mind ZF may have said that because they do not have 10 or higher speeds. ;) Allison, Aisin and Eaton all said that their 10-12 speeds gave a 6-8% increase in MPGs over the...
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    2020 Ford F-Series Super Duty Unveiled With New 7.3L V8 Engine, 10-Speed Auto

    Yes I agree, Ram has the best interior (Ford just caught up to 2015s) however I don't agree with you on towing and not to be rude but my guess is you have never towed anything over 15,000lb because like I said I used to tow a 20ft and a 43ft trailer (I tried a grear splitter back when I had the...
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    2020 Ford F-Series Super Duty Unveiled With New 7.3L V8 Engine, 10-Speed Auto

    I may "get it" for saying this but IMO Ford make the 2020 f-350 look much better without that belt buckle front end (now if they just fix that 1990/2015 smashed together rear fender...) Also I think Ram on the HD side is in a big trouble. Yes the Ram looks great and has the best interior but...
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    Introducing The New 2019 Ram 2500 & 3500 Heavy Duty:

    First let me say it looks great. Nice update. Now I know this isn't all new but I am very disappointed that the Auto trans for the cummin's is only beefed up some.:( I was hoping for at least an 8 speed (10-12 would be even better though) an a little bummed about the HP as well. I said it...
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    Inside Design: 2007 Chrysler Nassau Concept

    IMO That still looks like a great car.
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    SPIED: 2019 Ram 5500 Tradesman Chassis Cab

    Hey, hey, don't you already know what it looks like?:ROFLMAO::p
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    FCA killing it in sales

    What?! How can this be? Isn't FCA dying? (In case no one knows this is called sarcasm).:p:LOL: Can you imagine what it will look like with new Charger/Challenger, Ram HDs, Ram TR/TRX, Jeep wagoneer/grand wagoneer 2 or 3 new Chryslers and 2 or 3 new Dodges in 2022? :eek: :cool:
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    NAIAS 2019

    One other thing, (if you can say or guess) what about concepts? And any word yet for the diesel 1500?
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    NAIAS 2019

    So we know the Ram HD refresh will be show up with all information released but I am just wondering is anything else going on?
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    Ram tailgates?

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    CAUGHT! Here Is The 2019 Ram HD In Multiple Trims

    Looks great! The only thing that I am a little sad about is hearing possibly only a 8 speed (and it that even for the Cummins or just the 6.4?) when Chevy is getting the 10 speed Allison. I can say this because a friend of mine had a 1999 Ram 3500 when I had a 2500 but he had a manual with a...