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    FCA going forward?

    So first I must say sorry I have been out of the loop for a year but I have been reading trying to get caught up but I have a few questions, First, I can no longer find anything about the Chrysler CUV that was rumored and supposedly testing as a cherokee so anyone know what happened? Next last...
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    Will Ram beat Chevy in diesel MPG?

    I know RRB has been telling us that Ram will take back its bragging rights (and in towing and torque it did) but I must say if they get a rating of 34 MPGs YIKES !? Diesel Chevy Silverado 1500 pickup blows past Ford F-150, Ram in mpg
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    NAIAS 2019

    So we know the Ram HD refresh will be show up with all information released but I am just wondering is anything else going on?
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    Ram tailgates?

    Whatever happened to the split tailgate? Or the ramps, or the tailgate that go's down at more of an angle? Also what about the diesel?
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    2018-2019 auto show guess

    So I know this is early but I just wanted to try and get a little more info out of our insiders if I am close or not.:p;) 2018 LA, 2019 Jeep truck 2019 NAIAS, 2020 Ram hd's 2019 Chicago new Chrysler and or dodge CUV 2019 Geneva new Alfa and or Maserati 2019 New York 2020 Jeep Wagoneer/Grand...