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  1. patfromigh

    Jeep Cherokee Updates

    Somebody in the Jeep division of Stellantis must have noticed some of our conversations about the Jeep Cherokee. The lower level trims are now gone, as well as the 2.4 Tigershark four which had powered those fleet queens. We now have a Cherokee X as the starting point. There is an excellent...
  2. patfromigh

    Maserati Coupe History Brochure

    Here is a link to a brochure featuring some of the greats from Maserati. I always loved the Khamsin. I have had some scale models of Italian exotics as a child, but when I was old enough to drive, the Khamsin was in production and being featured in magazines...
  3. patfromigh

    Betty White and Plymouth, RIP

    Betty White passed away just short of her 100th birthday, which is in January. Unlike her beloved car brand Plymouth, she died in old age of natural causes.:cry:
  4. patfromigh

    If I ran the Stellantis

    The lack of product for the domestic brands (notably Chrysler and Dodge) seems to cause concern every time a new product is announced for markets outside North America (ONA). I am starting this thread as a place for such discussions, so other threads don't get side tracked. We don't need to just...
  5. patfromigh

    Jeep Accessories

    This video showed up today on YouTube. I wonder if Jeep will offer a dozer blade for the Grand Wagoneer.:)
  6. patfromigh

    Where Are the EV Charging Stations ?

    I used Google Maps to find nearby EV charging locations based on my home address. Almost all are level 2 AC units under 10kw. Most in my area are legacy Charge Point stations with old hardware. The nearest high speed charging is 20 miles away. From what I understand Google Maps only lists Level...
  7. patfromigh

    Ford Maverick

    Ford Has posted videos of their upcoming small truck on YouTube. I was surprised it is a hybrid. The starting price is low as well at 20 grand. This sets a fairly high bar for Ram to clear.
  8. patfromigh

    Saltillo (the city) is shut down.

    The winter storm which is paralyzing Texas didn't stop at the border. Saltillo, MX also has to deal with snow storms and cold temperatures. One of the Mexican news broadcasts said that the power companies have asked industries in the region to shut down to conserve energy. So I am guessing FCA...
  9. patfromigh

    2021 Ram Classic Options

    Ram Trucks finally posted the build and price for the 2021 Ram 1500 Classic models. However there are two packages which don't show up in the B&P, the Warlock All-Terrain Package and the Tradesman® Off-Road Package. I've driven enough 5th generation Rams to have a strong desire for those, but...
  10. patfromigh

    Stellantis Vans and LCVs

    That I know off there isn't a thread on the Ram ProMaster or the ProMaster City. A smaller ProMaster Rapid is marketed in Latin America and some Caribbean countries, plus there is also a Fiat equivalent. The PSA side of Stellantis offers different small vans than the FCA side. Opel and Vauxhall...
  11. patfromigh

    Jay Leno's Garage Lancia Stratos HF

    I don't know if our fellow forum companions from around the world know about Jay Leno's Garage. Here is his latest drive.
  12. patfromigh

    Suspension Problems

    Last week I was able to rent a Dodge Challenger from the fleet where I work. I had the car for three days and put a lot of miles on it. When I got back and was checking online at a different website and I immediately began having suspension problems. No, it wasn't the Challenger's suspension...