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    Rebel TRX..

    So how come no mention of that here. .peeps are supposed to insiders..scooped?
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    Big dollar rebates on Dodge Horsepower

    My Question is.. "Is there too many on the lot or is it time to move old inventory? Save $10 per horsepower with Dodge's Power Dollars incentive program Red Eyed Hellcat is good for almost $8000 off
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    [CLOSED] So reading that "other site" lets talk the Blown straight 6

    So whats the deal?? FCA dragging heels again? Where that big 6 blown engine???? Does it really take that long to get to production?? I'm a newbie so school me
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    So Ol' Mike Manley does pretty well cash wise I could live on half that....
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    CNBC's take on Mike Manley

    CEO Mike Manley's bumpy first six months at the helm of Fiat Chrysler following Marchionne's death I thought it was pretty good.
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    So "insiders" I'd like some info.. about Trackhawks.

    I have been browsing thru Carsdot com and Autobarter and I can't help but notice the large amount of used Trackhawks entering the used car market. All amounts of miles driven a couple hundred to almost 15 thousand..... So with that being said...... anyone have insight on why the big stock of...
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    Jeep JL Frame Welds

    So ahhh..... what happened??? The welder in QA took a month off from work or what??? How can so may welds be substandard?
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    Question to the Insiders

    This is a question I have asked repeated people over the years but never got a satisfactory answer to.... "How are paint colors decided on at the factory and who or what committee decides what colors will be offered on any vehicle line in any given year?" I myself would order a new Jeep...
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    So how about that 300 loss schedule by Forbes?

    Whew 31.7 % loss after the first year So who said they wanted to keep the 300 line going??? And tell me again why Chrysler cars are worth buying?