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  1. Bili

    Is the electric Fiat 500 the queen of charging? Here is the test

    km / min average in DC by InsideEVs Model [source] Drive / Battery (kWh) Power medium (20-80%) Autonomy earned estimated (20-80%) Electric Fiat 500 (42 kWh) of 2021 [Fastned] FWD 42 kWh 63 kW 9 km / min 2019 Renault ZOE ZE 50 [Fastned] FWD 55 kWh 35 kW 4.4 km / min 2020...
  2. Bili

    France, Germany push back against EU banning combustion cars by 2035

    PARIS -- France is resisting the European Union effectively phasing out combustion-engine car sales by 2035, advocating for a more lenient target for the end of the decade and a longer leash for plug-in hybrid models. The French government backs a target to reduce emissions from cars 55 percent...
  3. Bili

    Rimac takes over Bugatti from VW in powerhouse electric supercar deal

    Croatian electric supercar startup Rimac announced that it was taking over Bugatti from Volkswagen to form a new company called Bugatti Rimac. The news was first reported by the Financial Times. Bugatti Rimac will be led by Mate Rimac, who founded the company in 2009 in a garage as a one-man...
  4. Bili

    Stellantis, the letter to the suppliers: "In Mirafiori we double the production of 500E"

    Google translate: «Dear supplier of the 500 Bev, due to the growing market demand for electric cars, we are considering increasing the production of the electric 500 to 100/140 thousand vehicles per year». The good news, written in English and signed by Stellantis, which foresees the doubling...
  5. Bili

    The 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Has a Fascinating Trick to Improve Its Handling

    With the Jeep Grand Cherokee L's new setup, the ball joint was moved to a virtual point In the past, the pivot point was inside the vehicle, between the wheels. Placing the virtual ball outside the wheels gives the vehicle more lateral stability. "By moving the virtual ball more outboard, the...
  6. Bili

    Ferrari 296 GTB

    296 GTB: defining fun to drive PUBLICATION DATE: 24 JUN 2021 Unveiled today the 296 GTB, Ferrari’s new mid-rear-engined berlinetta sports car New Ferrari V6 hybrid architecture capable of delivering up to 830 cv The 296 GTB’s plug-in hybrid system maximises usability and driving pleasure The...
  7. Bili

    Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos appointed Head of Alfa Romeo Design

    Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos appointed Head of Alfa Romeo Design Having learned his craft in Spain, South Korea and France, Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos will be placing his international experience at the service of the Stellantis Group as of July 1st, 2021. He will report to Jean-Pierre Ploué...
  8. Bili

    Jeep Compass 1.5 turbo hybrid caught on the road

    It's caught by our friends from GabetzSpyUnit. It's Pre-Series. Engine in question is a 1.5 turbo FireFly/GSE mated to a 48 Volt hybrid DCT.
  9. Bili

    Jean-Pierre Ploué, Stellantis Chief Design Officer* will lead LANCIA design

    Jean-Pierre Ploué, Stellantis Chief Design Officer* will lead LANCIA design Jean-Pierre Ploué, Stellantis Chief Design Officer, will personally supervise LANCIA Design from Torino Centro Stile and declares: ‘’LANCIA renaissance is a truly exciting challenge. LANCIA is an iconic brand, which...
  10. Bili

    New Maserati GT prototype

    Modena, 11 June 2021 – The first prototype of the new Maserati GranTurismo was driven out of the Maserati Innovation Lab and was photographed on the streets of Modena. The new Maserati GranTurismo will be the Brand's first car to adopt a100% electric solution. Ahead of the launch of the new...
  11. Bili

    Ferrari turns to tech world for its new CEO

    Ferrari turns to tech world for its new CEO Benedetto Vigna from chip maker STMicrolectronics will have task of transforming automaker in the age of electric driving and digital gadgetry MILAN -- Ferrari has turned to a tech executive to navigate the transition towards electrification in the...
  12. Bili

    Alfa Romeo Tonale mule caught on the road
  13. Bili

    Stellantis Mulls Italian Battery Investment Amid Draghi Push

    Italy’s government is in talks with Stellantis NV, the carmaker formed by the merger of Fiat Chrysler and PSA Group, about investing in electric-vehicle battery manufacturing in the country, according to people familiar with the matter. A meeting in Rome this week between Stellantis Chairman...
  14. Bili

    François Leboine is appointed Fiat & Abarth Head of Design

    François Leboine is appointed Fiat & Abarth Head of Design François Leboine joins the Stellantis Design organisation as of June 1, 2021. He will report to Jean-Pierre Ploué, Stellantis Chief Design Officer. A graduate of the Royal College of Art and previously in charge of Renault Advanced...
  15. Bili

    Fiat Professional opens orders for the New Ducato 2021 A new all-digital configuration of the internal instruments, courtesy of the Full Digital Cockpit that can immediately and clearly provide practical journey information and...
  16. Bili

    Alfa Romeo B-segment crossover cancelled, Jeep and Fiat pushed back?

    All mighty PSA management doing their best: The start of production (SOP) schedule for the three models is listed below. Sales normally begin three to four months after SOP. The Jeep, which is code-named project 516, is due to go into production in November 2022, initially with a gasoline...
  17. Bili

    Alfa Romeo opens its new headquarters

    Alfa Romeo has chosen the Centro Stile as the site for its new headquarters, an iconic and inspirational place for the brand, where the fullest expression of Italian design is intertwined with an advanced concept of operating spaces in the name of the sharing of ideas and teamwork Alfa Romeo...
  18. Bili

    Brazil: Stellantis working on midsize unibody pick up

    The news is from Autos Segredos: Platform in question is Small Wide. It will be bigger than Fiat Toro and will be sold under RAM brand. This is the same class as...
  19. Bili

    Tonale postponed by 3 months?

    Some of you may look at the news from one particular media outlets. The news says that the Tonale SOP was postponed by 3 months. From October to January. I must inform you that MI team is well aware of production date for quite some time, date which predates official merger of PSA and FCA. In...