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    Carlos hires New Alfa Design Chief: Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos
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    COVID 19 Surge in Michigan threatens RAM production

    200-300 per day, or 200-300 entire week............for meanwhile its not super impactful given the Company was (then FCA) shut down this time last year.
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    Meet Laura Arias, an Afla Exterior designer #DriveForDesign

    The North American Stellantis account..........pretty nice
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    Stellantis Annual Stockholder General meeting
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    John Elkann turns 45, and John Elkann's annual letter

    Despite him hiring Sergio, John is among the youngest of the key folks of Stellantis leaders(born 1 April 1976), and today (April 1 ) he turn 45. Here's the annual letter (Buffett style):
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    Stellantis outsells ''Voltswagen''-Volkswagen so far Europe's new Number 1 in 2021

    Granted the numbers are January and February with the big European spring season that going through chip shortage , but nevertheless beating VW is good.
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    Jeep thinks the aftermarket will 'go nuts' with the new Wagoneer
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    Stellantis pauses RAM classic 1500 production while cutting plant maintenance in Italy
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    Good news for Wagoneer family: Average Transaction Price in (Jan-Feb)2021 for Full Size SUV is $68,405
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    Stellantis celebrates Gianni Agnelli (John Elkann's grandfather) ,an icon of leadership and style on his (would be )100th birthday Totally awesome !
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    John Elkann Interview:My grandfather would be happy with FIAT's mergers with Chrysler & PSA into Stronger Stellantis. Alfa & Lancia more possibilities
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    American Axle awarded axle & driveshaft contract for next gen RAM HD....Moving to Warren so Saltillo can make 1500?

    Next gen RAM HD will end production 2030...........which kind suggest start of production 2023/2024 American Axle & Manufacturing, Inc. (AXL) CEO David Dauch on Q4 2020 Results - Earnings Call Transcript | Seeking Alpha AAM Awarded Ram Heavy-Duty Axle, Driveshaft Program (
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    FCA & PSA Full Year 2020 Earnings & Carlos' First Wall Street Conference Call (9:30 U.S. EST) 11.4%. EBIT North American Margin

    Full Year 2020 : Results for FCA and Groupe PSA ( FCA_and_PSA_FY2020_Results_Presentation.pdf ( ''• Shipments down 8%, primarily due to discontinuation of Dodge Grand Caravan and planned lower Ram 1500 Classic shipments • Net revenues down 7%, with lower volumes and...
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    Stellantis Average Transaction Price $45,246 In January 2021 (U.S.)

    ATP=Average Transaction Price Stellantis $45,246 January 2021 FCA ATP was $41,143 in January 2020 Average New-Vehicle Prices Continue to Surpass $40,000, Up More Than 5% in January 2021, According to Kelley Blue Book ( One more thing, the Dodge Grand Caravan and Journey were...
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    Introducing the New Mopar/Stellantis version of Peugeot logo

    Thoughts:Peugeot reveals new logo, its first big change under Stellantis (
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    Stellantis decision on Vauxhall plant future coming by next Wednesday (day of FCA AND PSA 2020 earnings ).

    Either the new PSA-Developed Astra or New Product altogether (CUV) Or Closure. Stellantis Deciding Whether to Close U.K. Plant After Brexit ( Stellantis will be reporting earnings for Q4 + full year FCA 2020 earnings next Wednesday as well PSA's. Keep in mind the merger wasn't complete...
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    Macron’s EV Battery vision gets turn into ''Mopar Batteries'' as Renault demands equity

    French Carmaker Rivalry Defies Macron’s EV Battery Vision - Bloomberg No equity for Renault in ACB (Automotive Cells Company.'' Stellantis has a bunch of EV needs of its own...... Macron gets boxed in by EXOR again as Renault would using LG's technology just like GM.
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    POTUS Obama’s memoir :Nardelli makes “ Wall Street crowd (of 2008)look visionary”

    I decided to post this in off topic since it doesn’t really involve today’s FCA/Stellantis. A shout out to @Bili .... on “that other website” there’s 8+ pages thread full of delusions, straight lies and plain old xenophobia + racism. Underlining it all that nonsense is the thought that Chrysler...
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    Alfa Romeo Celebrates Valentine's Day With Passione
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    Fix for FIAT Brand in North America: Opel

    One of the most discussed things about Mopar lineup is the state of the FIAT brand. As a part of the recovery of Chrysler from near death experience of 2008/2009, the FIAT brand would be launch in North America through the Chrysler organization with new stand-alone dealers (called FIAT Studios)...