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    ipm or on board computer

    i think i will be needing too replace mine and wondering if there is a specific series or such i need to order besides the vin number to calibrate for my 2006 grand cher5okee 4.7 liter engine. any advice would be appreciated larry
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    Totally worn out trying to repair this jeeep Code PO108 and PO300

    Have replaced the throttle position sensor, MAP sensor, cam shsft position sensor, crsnk shaft position sensor, stopped two vfacuum leaks, and clesned the throttle body and still getting codes PO108, and PO300. Any hlp would be greatly appreciated
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    cacuum hose diagram

    have a vacuum leak and trying to locate where the hose gos that is a ai8r breather at rear of engineww at thhhe dashboard going down from top to i believe enhine or crank case. any suggestions
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    codes PO108, PO308, PO300

    Trying to deal with these codes. I disconnected my new MAP sensor that i installed at the plug and no difference from when it is pluged in. should that happen. wondering if the MAP sensor is defective. It was idleing high and just happened to wiggle the wires at the MAP sensor and a big...
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    Replacing Cam Shaft position and the crankshaft position sensor

    Hello everyone. Narrowing my repair down on the PO 108, PO300 , and the PO308. Just bought the two sensors I mentioned above. About to crawl under the jeep and try and locate the two and attempt to replace both of them. Any advice as to the location or best way to getr to them. I think I need...
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    2006 grand cherokee 4.7 liter code po 108 andd code PO 300.

    Just bought it and was showing misfire and running as if a vacuum leak. got codes from diagnosis w ith jeep dealership. The diagnostic read out showed p te following codes P2320 PO562 PO113...
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    vacuum hose diagram. have a possible vacuyu8m hose leak. gettin a misfire

    and getting codes p2320, po 113, po 300 po308 poo68. I have replaced the coil pack on cylinder 8 and replaced all the plugs. still dont know bu8t trying to find vacuum leak and ne4ed HE$LP> Thanks
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    Just purchased 2006 grand cherokee limited 4.7 liter engine . Misfire occurs

    I am receiving these codes on the problem. p2320,po113,po300,po308,poo68. I replaced all of the plugs gaping at 40 and replaced the4 ignition coil pack in cylinder 8. Have been trying to locate o vacuum leak that sounds like one when engine is running. But no success. Any suggestions. HELP...
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    cylinder 8 misfire

    Have replaced the coil pack and plug but still having a problem. any suggestions. I have a 2006 grand cherokee 4,7 liter limited lwlambert. new member and lost
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    Hi, lwlambert hr with in no,. 8 cylinder. Just got a messsage that I have been awarded a trophy. why and who do I thank an d such. New to the game. Just frustrated. 72 with agent orange and probably tthe last or next to last jeep I willl own. Got great deal and in great condition with the...
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    code HELP

    2006 4.7 liter . HELP with the following codes PO300, PO308, PO113, PO168