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    Rare Dodge For Sale on eBay

    I have never heard or seen this model of Dodge before, Very unique and pretty cool for a 1973. It is Built on a Dodge Dart chassis with a 225 slant 6 engine. Dodge Serra
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    Rare 1973 Dodge Charger

    The Lovely Story In Its Entirety About the '73 Dodge Charger at the 2019 Charles Schwab Challenge | World's Best Golf Destinations o_O
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    Cars that are Dinosaurs

    Due to the lack of activity on the Forums I thought this article might create some discussion. This article was in this mornings USA Today and lists 15 cars that have not been updated in ages. The main point of this article is that these fifteen cars have not updated their architecture for a...
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    Spoiler Alert- Viper Wins

    Nice race with a lot of chirping tires.|1
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    Two 2008 First Edition Challenger SRT8's with less than 10 miles each for sale.|1 Both for sale on eBay. It will be interesting to see if they sell at advertised prices considering a new...
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    Dodge Demon Rear Ends Fail

    I just read this article about a dragstrip event in Texas that had 47 Demons attend. Unfortunately, 5 went home on trailers after suffering rear end failures. It will be interesting to see what Dodge may do about this problem...
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    Rare Alfa Treasure Found in a Basement

    I wish I had this in my basement.
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    Who can answer this crossword puzzle question?

    Old Dodge or Old Science Magazine?
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    Owner watches his Challenger Hellcat burn! Who should be responsible for this burned Hellcat? The owner or his insurance company?
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    Showing Off your Driving Skills in your Dodge Daytona

    At least he ran into a Mustang.
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    Alfa Romeo has Best Auto Museum- Jalopnik

    An article about the Alfa Romeo museum in Italy. The article contains many photos including a photo of new 8C prototype. I grew up as a teenager reading about many of these one-off Alfa's in car magazines. This would be a great place to visit to see these cars in person...
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    10 Concept Cars Chrysler Should Have Built

    I don't like the Imperial or Portal Concepts. However, I agree with this article that all of the other concepts should have been built.