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    New Ford Bronco Spy Shots Show Beefier Tires, Fenders

    It looks like in the last pictures Ford stole the Wrangler design from the A pillar on back
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    The Dodge Horsepower Challenge, Begins Today!

    A quarter mile on an incline? Really? Pikes Peak has nothing to do with it?
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    The Dodge Horsepower Challenge, Begins Today!

    Well from my associates from .we have a thread going there and I guess FCA screws up again! What people were told was the correct answer for week one wasn't .....the first correct one (4:16 minutes ) wasn't now they apparently have a six car week give away for the...
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    FCA Files Patent Related To Upcoming Turbo Inline-6:

    Does anyone know if the in line six has a hemispherical combustion chamber? It could still be a Hemi 6...
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    The Dodge Horsepower Challenge, Begins Today!

    6.19 wasn't the answer. ..
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    The Dodge Horsepower Challenge, Begins Today!

    I'm between 5.19.99 seconds and 6.56 minutes
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    The Dodge Horsepower Challenge, Begins Today!

    I'm way above 3.7 minutes because that at 203 mph for 12.42 miles on a flat line
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    The Dodge Horsepower Challenge, Begins Today!

    One angry bee brings me down to 40
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    The Dodge Horsepower Challenge, Begins Today!

    Thank you.. one hash tag gets you down to 60 answers..looking forward to narrowing that down
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    The Dodge Horsepower Challenge, Begins Today!

    I'm still working the first question. ..even using hash tag hints... The question begs more. it a straight 12 mile run up a 6 per cent slope... or do I subtract 156 deaccelerations. ..and it takes over 2 miles to get up to top the Redeye will never...
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    “Hellcat The World!” – Custom Jeep® Grand Cherokee SRT Hellcat:

    Well having been a member of cherokeesrt8 since 2007 ..I watched this vehicle thru the years.. (I actually tried purchasing it about a year ago when it was on Craiglist in Seattle) It did have it's fair share of teething pains.. going into limp mode many times on the track against Trackhawks...
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    Fiat Chrysler, PSA in merger talks, WSJ says

    I deal with financial investors worth multi billions every day as a aircraft manager.. who manages their fleet..... I can tell you........ when people live at that level their minds do not operate on the same level of most of the forum members (including myself) There are bigger issues at...
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    'Dukes of Hazzard' star John Schneider defends General Lee car

    From what I'm seeing and hearing at the street level.. the more people complain about things like the Confederate Flag and B....L....matter ..... The more it separates the divisions.. rather than bring things together.
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    SpeedKore/Magnaflow Create Carbon Fiber Twin-Turbo AWD Charger Widebody For SEMA:

    Very interesting.. I wonder what transfer case they used that can support 1000 HP in AWD????????? Will Mopar insiders get that kind of "under the hood" information????
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    FCA direction on regulation changes

    IMHO California should have had a time limit placed on their wavier so that it had a drop dead date. Gramted they have a problem where mountain curtail the airflow out of the valley and on to the East.. but the rest of the country should not have to suffer...` And because California has the...
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    FCA Earnings/Wall Street Confernce call:"Chrysler record profit" & Alfa writedown

    I myself don't look at it as subsidizing Tesla by purchasing credits... so long as the big Hemi's can live on. I myself have zero interest in Tesla..... so if FCA has to purchase credits ...Tesla is just a seller of needed credits as far as I'm concerned.
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    Mopar Brand Is Ready To Shake Up 2019 SEMA Show:

    I like the fact Moparinsider gets the press briefing live access. Good job forum runners.
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    Fiat Chrysler, PSA in merger talks, WSJ says

    For me.. I know Zero about Peugeot and a FCA merger.. I know Zero about Peugeot.. All I care about is .. John Elkhann is still seated at the top.... of whatever the new acronym is... As long as a super chargered Hemi is in a FCA vehicle.. or Boosted six.. or The fastest whatever vehicle...
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    Easter Egg Could Hint At New Dodge Charger, Challenger By 2023

    All I know (which isn't much) I have read in every pic FCA releases nothing shown is done by chance or accident. Everything means something.
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    Ford Baby Bronco Bare Body Allegedly Leaked In Exclusive Photo

    Looks like a reworked Flex body..still ugly