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Recent content by Rustydodge

  1. Rustydodge

    Stellantis Q2 2022 U.S. Sales

    IDK - for the Wag to be nearly matching the Expedition and yukon and the GW beating Lincoln out of the gate I think its not bad. Both the W and GW being available in limited configurations. Of course everything taken with a pound of salt, as I'd bet Ford is willing to sacrifice Expedition sales...
  2. Rustydodge

    Stellantis Q2 2022 U.S. Sales

    Yikes. Wrangler - feeling effect of bronco finally? maybe not enough 4xe's to sell? (i'm sure negative press regarding safety/roll over isn't helping, but doubt many buyers care) Gladiator - apparently not invincible, though still the highest ATP of the midsized segment i'm sure Grand Cherokee -...
  3. Rustydodge

    2008 Mega Cab 1500 towing

    You can do whatever you want, but doesn't change the fact that you'll be over the published limitations. People have the same argument with power wagons reduced GVWR and GCWR relative to regular 2500, just due to the softer suspension set up. Actually weigh the trailer wet and loaded, to see...
  4. Rustydodge

    SPOTTED: 2023 Dodge Hornet C-SUV Prototype!

    They need to ditch those rims for the production version.
  5. Rustydodge

    CAUGHT: 2023 Ram 2500 Limited Night Edition Mega Cab 4×4:

    This truck is a 5th gen crew cab and rear corner bumper step away from being the prefect truck. 4th gen crew is OK but flat floor and a little extra leg space would be nice. Mega cab is nice but some cant get past the aesthetics. As for the mirror - looks like an alright design. My only...
  6. Rustydodge

    Stellantis Q1 Sales CCall with Palmer: talks about Jeep, Dodge,and the most important number of North America

    I've assumed Ford sacrificed expedition sales to keep F150 going as much as possible. Expedition's drop has been huge.
  7. Rustydodge

    Brampton Saved! Stellantis announce retooling Brampton

    it would not surprise me that this new I6 cummins is not at all the correct application for Ram 2500/3500. I was just surprised no one really noticed their 2/14 announcement of making a gasoline B6.7 based off the diesel 6.7. I would expect though possibly ram will have one in a truck somewhere...
  8. Rustydodge

    Brampton Saved! Stellantis announce retooling Brampton

    Because they will need something above the 6.4 V8 eventually, and everything about it would mate right up to existing. The 8sp gave the 6.4 a new lease on life, but with fords 7.3 they must remain competive and not just in retail market but the medium truck commercial/fleet market. They already...
  9. Rustydodge

    2023 Ram 1500 & Heavy Duty Pickups Will Get New Digital Cluster Display!

    Thats too bad, but inevitable. The Rams combination display using analogue tied with digital was very nicely done 4th and 5th gen. I haven't seen a full digital set up that i've liked but will need to see it in person. Really do not like Ford's version.
  10. Rustydodge

    VW Reportedly Bringing Back Scout Brand With Electric Pickup And SUV

    Wow. A separate, new US based company. This will be interesting.
  11. Rustydodge

    Brampton Saved! Stellantis announce retooling Brampton

    Side note - any reason why its crickets so far on moparinsiders, allpar, and stellpower regarding cummins recent (Feb 14th) announcement of 6.7 gas motor coming about 2024? Some other outlets already connecting dots it will be coming to Ram HD. Article coming by chance @redriderbob ?
  12. Rustydodge

    Brampton Saved! Stellantis announce retooling Brampton

    I had read a rumor that possibly classic was staying around 1 year after STLA frame comes along, which my assumption was 2024 warren becomes "STLA frame" for BEV option (which is relatively minor updates to current wagoneer frame per the images provided of the BEV frame compared to wagoneer...
  13. Rustydodge

    Brampton Saved! Stellantis announce retooling Brampton

    Not if F-series continuous to drop, like they have been. But if warren does the Ram BEV = 3 plants Is SHAP running 3 full shifts? How about Saltillo for the HD and reg cab classics?