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    Is Dodge Missing Out Moving Away From The Traditional V8 Muscle Car?

    So, exactly why is it V8 or 6cyl but not both? The V8's are already tooled up, refined and hugely popular. None of that prevents the 6cyl from joining in. What's wrong with being able to choose.? The electrics "should" have a bright future as hybrids to boost the IC's output when needed (or more...
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    Dodge is lying - there is a path forward for the V8

    In a 2112 5.7 Charger, my brother gets 29-30 on his interstate trips. 16-17 around home. That's at 4300 lbs. I don't know a formula or any sort of way to make a guess but fitting the exact drivetrain and gearing into a 3500 lb. slightly smaller car with attention paid to good aero qualities...
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    Will Stellantis eventually use Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries in a vehicle?

    The new super battery rumors remind me of those 75 MPG carburetors said to be just around the corner in the 70's and 80's.
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    Dodge is lying - there is a path forward for the V8

    Dodge will hopefully remember how Mustangs and Camaros sold far more than Challengers for decades until the word "Hemi" became mainstream. Similar with the Ram. Hemis remain a great platform. The manufacturing costs are very favorable compared to the 4 valve DOHC V8. It IMHO, finally gaining a...
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    Electric Or Bust! What Is Your Opinion?

    First, it is painfully obvious that our politicians aren't well versed on the subject of cars and trucks. I seriously doubt 5% of them are capable of changing their own oil. If you or I face a major decision on a subject of which we know little about, we seek experts for guidance. From all...
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    New engines for Dodge Challenger V8 replacements in 2024?

    It's related to meeting smog rules. I don't think its any kind of disqualifier. Ford and Nissan have used dual plugs in the past. If fuel milage is a concern maybe the engineering group should put their efforts into a lighter platform for these engines. They can return 25+ highway MPG in the...
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    New engines for Dodge Challenger V8 replacements in 2024?

    For most of my life I 've witnessed Mustangs and Camaros far out selling Challengers and Barracudas, Same with Pickups. Finally, I saw this turn around. It took long enough. Build quality of Chrysler products kept pace with the competition as did styling. Only keeping pace isn't likely to fuel...
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    Dodge’s Aspen Super Coupe, Could Be A Good Base For A Weekend Project Car!

    I'm seeing curb weights from 3200 lbs. for base 6 cylinder models to 3472 lbs. for a R/T coupe. A great place for a current hemi engine/trans swap. The weight savings suggest a full second reduction in quarter mile times compared to the current platforms. Personal preferences would include 4...
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    Add a sound to your quiet electric vehicle.

    To even entertain this idea shows how detached these people are from my demographic. Enthusiasts have loved the textures and sounds from high performance I.C. engines for generations. The sensations from these engines tuned and running as designed have kept radios silent on trips countless...