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Recent content by patfromigh

  1. patfromigh

    Why is Stellantis (STLA) so cheap?

    FCA was on the leading edge of hybrid and battery electric technology before the merger. Last decade, the Fiat 500e compliance car was very advanced for what is was. Also at that time a fleet of plugin hybrid Ram pickup trucks and a few dozen hybrid minivans were involved in a joint research...
  2. patfromigh

    Production Of The Fiat 500, Abarth 595/695, & Lancia Ypsilon To Stop After 2023!

    It would be nice to see some of this new EV lineup from Stellantis make its way here. I am not impressed by what is presently offered by the other automakers. There seems to be a choice between overpriced/over-complicated BEVs or some basic electric vehicles filling in the void left back when...
  3. patfromigh

    SPOTTED: 2024 Abarth 500e BEV Performance City Car!

    Olivier François has said there are significant changes involved for the Abarth BEV from the regular Fiat 500e. It is not a simple case of a bigger motor and more batteries. He also stated that despite the engineering challenges the project still continues, and he expects Abarth fans to be...
  4. patfromigh

    Ford CEO Teases Next-Gen EV Pickup During F-150 Lightning Launch

    Many electric utility companies have programs for plugin vehicle owners. Such programs offer advice plus they give upfront information on charger installation and any special rates for EVs.
  5. patfromigh

    The Low Down On The Latest Information About A Smaller Ram Pickup!

    I doubt the Ram 700/Fiat Strada will ever be available north of the Rio Grande. It is based of FCA's mini platform. The Toro is on the SUSW platform along with the Jeep Compass. Project 291 will most likely be Ford Maverick sized. The Ford Maverick shares its platform with the Escape and Bronco...
  6. patfromigh

    Please bring 500 e back to US!

    The original California compliance 500e was expensive for Fiat, but ironically shows a way forward to market the brand. Back in the 1970s and 80s the sales for the Mitsubishi cars were never huge, but many dealers gladly accommodated them. As I said before, Stellantis should put the new Fiat...
  7. patfromigh

    Next-Generation Fiat Panda Production Announcement Expected On April 28th!

    Here is a link to Fiat's EV Day presentation. The Centoventi Concept appears at the 4:23 mark. I believe a vehicle of this shape and size would be popular in the United States.
  8. patfromigh

    Jeep® Boss Talks Future Products, Including Possibility Of Trackhawk & HEMI Engine Replacement!

    The BSG system is 48V. I don't know why we haven't seen seen the e-booster in North America yet.
  9. patfromigh

    Please bring 500 e back to US!

    We're already receiving the 500X from Europe. I would expect a potential 500e to follow the same path. The 500X came from Serbia, so the EV from there wouldn't be out of the question. If the future product from Serbia is the same size as the present Fiat Panda, don't expect it to be sold...
  10. patfromigh

    Please bring 500 e back to US!

    One of the major blunders of the Fiat reintroduction to our shores was not marketing any Panda themed vehicles. The last minute substitution of the 500 face on what became the Fiat 500L was a sales disaster. The drive train certainly didn't help matters either. The rumored B-segment sized...
  11. patfromigh

    Please bring 500 e back to US!

    Public transit in the United States is a joke. Almost all of our commuting to work is by personal transportation which means a car, motorcycle or bicycle. The average commute distance for the entire nation might be high, but when broken down into regions, the regions with the highest and densest...
  12. patfromigh

    Please bring 500 e back to US!

    Any plugin Fiat model sold in the USA will compete with both Jeep and Chrysler plugins for the EV tax credit. I believe the tax credit is limited to the first 200,000 vehicles per manufacturer. The tax credit doesn't really work with lower priced entries like the Fiat 500e because a person has...
  13. patfromigh

    Meet The All-Electric Chrysler Airflow Graphite Concept!

    I hope there is some variety in the trim levels and options. I would like seeing something lighter in both content and color. Ford offers some variety with the Mach-e menu.
  14. patfromigh

    Jeep® Is Majorly Expanding Its Wagoneer Lineup Going Into 2023!

    Like this?