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Recent content by Freshforged

  1. Freshforged

    Jeep® Launches New Cherokee Latitude LUX Model:

    anyone else thinking FCA now wishes they had called this anything but a Cherokee, what with a grander Grand Cherokee in the mix?
  2. Freshforged

    VOTE: Create Unified American/European News Section?

    I believe I did, unless it’s not showing up in the totals
  3. Freshforged

    How's The Site Thus Far?

    Still not able to get to most threads. I’d love to be able to contribute to discussions but the redirections are making it impossible. I’m about to just give up and go back to the other place—ridiculous as it is most times.
  4. Freshforged

    Dodge Files For “Hornet” Name Trademark Once Again:

    You don’t think people want a “muscle suv”? I do. If Dodge doesn’t make it someone else will, and just like that, Dodge loses another market. The Dodge brand needs to move beyond Charger & Challenger if they want to stay relevant. A midsized, front engined/RWD (AWD), raked tall wagon with...
  5. Freshforged

    VOTE: Create Unified American/European News Section?

    I’m all for it—it’s all one company and Europe is a much stronger player now with the acquisition of PSA.
  6. Freshforged

    Dodge Files For “Hornet” Name Trademark Once Again:

    I’ve never been sold on the utility of a 3-row midsize suv. seems like there’s never enough legroom. Maybe I’m the aberration—wouldn’t be the first time.
  7. Freshforged

    Maserati Limited Edition Zegna PELLETESSUTA Models Have Arrived In North America:

    I really like that—but the wheel/rimguard combo kill it for me. Put some actual tires on it and we can talk. At the first pothole those very expensive wheels will be tacos.
  8. Freshforged

    Dodge Files For “Hornet” Name Trademark Once Again:

    I understand that. I am talking about size-wise. The Journey, for all its faults, was the crossover slotted below the Durrango; size-wise, price-wise, quality-wise, etc. This new model will not be an econobox just filling a gap left by eliminating the short wb Caravan. It will be the...
  9. Freshforged

    Dodge Files For “Hornet” Name Trademark Once Again:

    So the midsized suv mentioned in the article—that filled the hole the journey leaves in Dodges lineup?
  10. Freshforged

    2020 Buick Envision S For China Gets An Early Reveal

    Looks pretty good, with the exception of the two giant blow-holes below the bumper
  11. Freshforged

    Ram Takes Aim Directly At Ford With New Rebel TRX Pickup:

    I’m sure they’ll sell. I’m In the market for something on the other end of the spectrum, though.
  12. Freshforged

    FCA-PSA to buyout (for now)4,100 workers in Germany by 2029

    and once they figure it out, it will be somebody elses fault of course.
  13. Freshforged

    SPIED: 2020 Fiat 500 BEV Caught In Metro Detroit:

    I'd be very interested in a new 500e if one were offered in my area. Be more interested in a compact electric urban truck to eventually replace the used Ranger I picked up last summer.