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Recent content by Criminy

  1. Criminy

    AUCTION: This 1 Of 1 1973 Dodge Coupe Is Headed To Mecum This Week!

    Cute little car. Seems to have a lot more style than some of today's sub-compact cars. I briefly owned a 1978 (Mitsubishi) Dodge Challenger. While it do the name plate any justice, it was a nice, small sporty car like this Colt.
  2. Criminy

    Ralph Gilles Shows Us What The FCA Product Design Office Thinks Of Splitter Guards:

    Splitter guards are the quickest way to tell people that you have no taste and are afraid to drive your car.
  3. Criminy

    Ordered Widebody Scatpack Challenger back in November still have not received it yet.

    It may be in transit. Depending on where you live, your 1320 could take weeks to land. These units are strategically shipped to maximize efficiency. And sometimes they are delayed without apparent cause.
  4. Criminy

    GOLD RUSH: A Fool And His Gold Are Soon Parted!

    Disappointing, but glad it made it to the mix. As the previous owner of a 2005 Legend Lime Mustang GT and a 2007 Grabber Orange Mustang GT, I can personally attest to the appeal of these high-impact colors amidst the sea of dull, neutral finishes. Owning a muscle car is anything but...
  5. Criminy

    Recommended body protection for 2021 Dodge Challenger R/T 392 SPWB?

    Aside from keeping your vehicle cleaner, mudflaps are also a courtesy to other drivers. When I was running with the Subie crowd, they mitigated the threat of damage to cars behind them while tooling down off-road trails. And on the road, they keep rocks from getting thrown up at other driver's...
  6. Criminy

    Dodge//SRT Join Forces With Universal Pictures To Promote “Fast 9” Installment:

    F9 will be one of the first few flicks I want to see on the big screen this year.
  7. Criminy

    John stated Exciting times with Electric Day: Dodge EV greenlighted

    Limited range and inadequate infrastructure are the major concerns of potential EV buyers. I think the range will improve over time as the technology develops, and once there are noticeably more charging stations available, it will allay fears of being stranded somewhere.
  8. Criminy

    John stated Exciting times with Electric Day: Dodge EV greenlighted

    Adaptation is crucial to survival, whether it involves animals or vehicles. I'm glad there will be alternatives to ICE equipped vehicles going forward. It doesn't mean I love my HEMI powered Challenger any less. I'm just happy that they're still focusing on performance, regardless of the type of...
  9. Criminy

    Citroën Thinks They Have The Solution For Commercial Vehicles In Big Cities:

    It makes sense. No need for big delivery vehicles for everything. It looks like you'd be able to fit and park it anywhere as well.
  10. Criminy

    Recommended body protection for 2021 Dodge Challenger R/T 392 SPWB?

    I haven’t got a wide body (car), but I noticed an improvement over the cleanliness of the sides and rear quarters of my Scat Pack after installing the Mopar mud flaps. I don’t know if they are available for the wide bodies, so perhaps you can look into applying a clear film that protects the...
  11. Criminy

    New Member

    Welcome! :D
  12. Criminy

    Mopar Fan Old & New

    Thanks, redriderbob. Unfortunately, I didn't scan too many "before" photos of my 1971 Plymouth GTX. In fact, these photos were taken right after I sold my car. You can see my 1972 Dodge Challenger in the background of one of the GTX photos. Check it out: Also, I didn't take pix of...
  13. Criminy

    Mopar Fan Old & New

    Gladly! The "after" pictures are meaningless until you've seen the "before" pictures! LOL So, here goes... 1971 Dodge Charger Super Bee More to follow. ;)
  14. Criminy

    Two die in Tesla crash in Texas with nobody behind the wheel

    Fire trucks are going to have to start putting out car fires by blowing sand on them since you can't use water to extinguish magnesium fires.
  15. Criminy

    Two die in Tesla crash in Texas with nobody behind the wheel

    I'm glad they're investing in their future. I'm sure at some point, this will become second nature to techs and service advisors alike. It will shift from tribal knowledge to common knowledge. Electric vehicle maintenance will require a completely new skill set and changes to existing...