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    Dodge Unveils Challenger 50th Anniversary Edition Package In LA:

    Okay, I really like the looks of the Anniversary Edition cars, especially with the new colors. I am just having a problem with math in several ways. First, the Anniversary package at $4,995-5,995 seems a little expensive for what you are getting in the package. All the items in the package...
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    Rumors: Some Interesting Changes Coming For Alfa Romeo Models In 2020:

    Bili, I could be wrong, but I think the La Tonale will do good in the US. From the photos I have seen it appears to be a very attractive vehicle. From my view the Stelvio styling may be the problem with the it’s poor sales. I am not a designer, but the proportions, or angles don’t fit...
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    Rumors: Some Interesting Changes Coming For Alfa Romeo Models In 2020:

    The Tonale looks like a winner and should help bring people into the Alfa showroom in the US. New infotainment in the Giulia, and Stelvio will be appreciated, but it is not going to stop the falling sales in those two models in the US. I know as a previous owner of several Alfa vehicles that...
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    Rumors: Some Interesting Changes Coming For Alfa Romeo Models In 2020:

    These changes are not enough to make any significant change in sales of these models.
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    Last Chance To Order A Charger SRT HELLCAT “Octane Edition”:

    I bet orders have been flooding in to the factory for this special stripe package ;)
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    What is SRT working on...?

    I believe one answer to that is an electric powered vehicle.
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    2019 Charger Hellcat Octane Edition
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    What is SRT working on...?

    Well unfortunately, bare minimum is one of the reasons why the Viper was a hard sell. No automatic, hard steering, no roll-up side windows in Series 1, ill fitting convertible top, etc. made it difficult to sell. Many of these issues were addressed by Series 5, except for the manual only...
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    What is SRT working on...?

    I totally agree with your mid-engine looks, improved interior accommodations, and other new features of the C8. I live in a small town 300 miles from the nearest Ferrari dealership. Knowing that I could purchase this vehicle and take it to my local Chevrolet dealer for service would be a big...
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    What is SRT working on...?

    I see on the internet that the 2020 Corvette production capacity is already sold out. Production of the 2020 Corvette is slated to begin in September or October of this year.
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    What is SRT working on...?

    I have to agree that the stripes, new colors, and wide body flare additions on the existing Challenger/Charger products are not very exciting. I have read on this forum that new Challenger/Charger product introductions are constantly pushed back to a later date. A couple of years ago the new...
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    Rare Dodge For Sale on eBay

    I have never heard or seen this model of Dodge before, Very unique and pretty cool for a 1973. It is Built on a Dodge Dart chassis with a 225 slant 6 engine. Dodge Serra
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    What is SRT working on...?

    You are looking at the front of the vehicle on the right, and the front of a jet fighter plane on the left.
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    FCA and Renault are in "advance" talks to partner,with CTC having more power than all of Nissan

    It would be nice to see the Renault Alpine A110S come to the United States.
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    Museum Quality 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport Hits eBay!

    Is there any history on why this truck was never titled? And how was it taken care of the last these last 19 years? Did it just sit in a garage/warehouse somewhere with the tires flat, battery dead, old gas in the tank, and rubber lines drying up? Or was it regularly started, ran and properly...