Citroën Ends Production Of Popular C1 Supermini City Car!

Will Be Replaced By Ami Quadricycle & C3...

Citroën has ended production of its popular A-segment city car – the Citroën C1. Stellantis (PSA Peugeot Citroën) has pulled the plug on its side of the “B-Zero” project was part of a joint venture with Toyota dating back to 2002. The joint venture created not only the Citroën C1, but the Peugeot 107 (later the 108), and the Toyota Aygo. Toyota has now taken full control of the Kolin, Czech Republic assembly plant as of January 1st, 2022.

2021 Citroën C1. (Citroën).

With the small A-segment city car gone, Citroën plans on having two models fill in the gap left by the C1. 

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The first vehicle is the Citroën Ami. The Ami is an electric-powered two-passenger quadricycle built for business city centers. Ami has been genuinely disruptive in its European markets due to its accessibility, affordability, and optical pricing. Designed for micro-journeys – and to make the lives of its users easier – Ami benefits from a compact 2.41m (7.9 feet) length to aid parking in the city. Ami Electric can carry two people, has a range of 46 miles, and can be recharged in just three hours, making it the perfect solution for customers looking for a 100%-electric, compact urban mobility solution for local journeys.

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For those customers looking for more flexibility, the Citroën C3 offers the functionality of a five-door supermini (B-Segment) who find themselves going beyond the limits of the city. A new version of the C3 called the “C3 YOU!” has been launched to target those customers ranging from young drivers looking for their first car, to experienced drivers looking for a vehicle that reflects their personality while being user-friendly and functional, meeting everything you could need from a city car in terms of comfort, safety, and functionality.

2021 Citroën C1. (Citroën).

Launched in 2005, Citroën C1 amassed almost 1.2 million sales – thanks to its stylish design and practicality for those needing a suitable model for city driving, and because of its compact 3.46m (11.35 feet) length and its urban agility. Restyled for a second generation in 2014, C1 could adapt to offer customers three and five-door versions, as well as an electric Cabrio-style canvas roof on Airscape models. Inside, some second-generation versions boasted a 7-inch touchscreen, with Mirror Screen to duplicate the main functions of a smartphone.

2021 Citroën C1 Image Gallery:

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