Chrysler Halcyon Concept Made Its First Public Appearance

Chrysler Takes Its Latest Concept To Amelia Island...

The recently unveiled Chrysler Halcyon Concept made a surprise appearance at this past weekend’s Amelia Concours d’Elegance at The Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island in Amelia Island, Florida. It marked the first public appearance of the concept that is set to push the Chrysler brand’s new design direction.

Chrysler CEO, Chris Feel and the Chrysler Halcyon Concept at Amelia Island. (Ralph Gilles’ Instagram).

Chrysler CEO, Christine Feuell, highlighted the Halcyon as an important transition from the popular Airflow Concept. While the Airflow presented itself as a handsome all-electric all-wheel-drive (AWD) crossover, the Halcyon becomes a more conceptual four-door coupe, featuring radical “pipedream” ideology.

“The Chrysler Halcyon Concept brings to life a fully electric tomorrow through new technology suites from Stellantis that integrate with simple and pure aerodynamic design and a seamless, connected, and immersive cockpit experience,” Feuell stated.

Chrysler Halcyon Concept at Amelia Island. (Ralph Gilles’ Instagram).

The Halcyon Concept has been the center of criticism from Chrysler fans, with many saying the Halcyon shows “how out of touch Stellantis is with its North American customers.” Those who expressed concern say they are tired of seeing concept vehicles and instead want to see actual products in dealer showrooms.

As we are well into the 2024 model year, the Chrysler brand portfolio consists of just one vehicle for the U.S., the Chrysler Pacifica minivan. Chrysler Canada continues to market its more budget-friendly Grand Caravan, a variant of the Pacifica.

Chrysler Halcyon Concept at Amelia Island. (Ralph Gilles’ Instagram).

The Pacifica is said to be the lone vehicle in the brand’s portfolio for the next 15 months until a new two-row crossover is scheduled to appear in 2025. Feuell says that the Chrysler brand will move to an all-electric portfolio in 2028.

Head of Stellantis Design, Ralph Gilles, was on hand at the Amelia Island event and posted these images of the Halcyon from its reveal.

Chrysler Halcyon Concept at Amelia Island Image Gallery:

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Source: Ralph Gilles’ Instagram / Drivin’ Ivan

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At least we know where the sculpted doors from the Charger went......

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This Halcyon concept has the same squished C-pillar that doomed the last Chrysler 200. I never thought I would ever feel nostalgic for the mid-Seventies Cordoba.

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The concept is clearly not a production proposal and that is not the point. What Halcyon has accomplished is demonstrating to Chrysler loyalist that there is design and engineering life left at Chrysler and we should not panic. Although the Airflow was a good effort, it lacked a distinctive brand signature design and it certainly was not the “look” of the Chrysler brand.
This concept is a message to the public that Chrysler got the message, the brand needs to rediscover its DNA and a cookie cutter effort was not the solution or acceptable. Can something like the Airflow work, with some Chrysler character, yes. Is the Halcyon realistic and possible, no, but it calms the panic of Chrysler loyalists that the brand management was totally lost in the woods. We were ready to send out a search party.
We don’t need something trend following, we need bold and distinctive. We need a Chrysler that every loyalist can know in a second, at first look, that yes folks “ THAT is a CHRYSLER !

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The general design can be turned into production and it’ll looks awesome.

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The general design can be turned into production and it’ll looks awesome.

392, Let’s consider this concept as inspiration and importantly as evidence that Chrysler needs something spectacular as a halo model for the brand. I’d certainly agree, a sports coupe would fill this role, let’s say a Maserati GT spin off design that exudes Chrysler’s classic design elements. Waterfall grill touches would be a sure bet. Fill the design studio with Imperials and 300s of the glory days of yore. Yes I’m on board with your thinking, hopefully the corporate leadership agrees. Big development bucks true, but the need is bigger and the rewards even bigger. Right on.

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