Belvidere Mayor Reassures Assembly Plant Plans To Reopen

Stellantis Says They Are Working To Finalize Business Case For Plant...

In a resounding affirmation of economic resilience, Mayor Clint Morris of Belvidere, Illinois, firmly believes that the Stellantis Assembly Plant is gearing up for a triumphant return. Despite whispers of uncertainty, Mayor Morris remains steadfast in his commitment to ushering in a new era of prosperity for the “City of Murals.”

According to Morris, the assembly plant is moving forward at full speed, emphasizing the pivotal role the plant’s revival plays in Belvidere’s economic landscape. “We don’t want to lose any manufacturing jobs,” Morris says. “We in Belvidere want to keep them all and attract more. If you have jobs, you know, you have an economy locally that’s successful.”

An idled Belvidere Assembly Plant. (Andrew Chesney for Senate).

The anticipation surrounding the assembly plant’s revival is palpable, especially with the influx of multi-million-dollar companies making Belvidere their home. General Mills and Walmart are among the recent additions, drawn by Belvidere’s strategic location in the heart of the Midwest.

The Belvidere Assembly Plant ceased operations on February 28, 2023, resulting in approximately 1,200 workers being laid off. However, recent negotiations between Stellantis and the United Auto Workers (UAW) have borne fruitful outcomes. A collective decision led to plans for a new joint venture for an electric vehicle battery plant, the establishment of a Mopar Mega Hub, and the resumption of production for a midsized pickup truck – all set to take place in Belvidere.

An idled Belvidere Assembly Plant. (Andrew Chesney for Senate).

This promising venture is anticipated to entail an investment of approximately $5 billion in Belvidere. State and federal tax incentives, including Illinois’ $400 million “closing fund,” have significantly facilitated this initiative.

“Ideally, whatever they make is a hit, and people want to buy it,” Morris says. “They don’t want to buy it being subsidized by the feds or anyone else. They want to buy it because the product is a great product.”

The last 2023 Jeep® Cherokee Altitude Lux 4×4 at Belvidere. (Dave Syverson for Senate).

A recent statement from Stellantis said, “During the 2023 UAW contract negotiations, Stellantis remained true to our commitment to finding a sustainable solution for the Belvidere Assembly Plant. We [continue] to work toward finalizing the business case for Belvidere and will provide additional details at the appropriate time.”

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Rooting for Belvidere and the new Ram small pickup. These are hard working folks that deserve support for their loyalty. They built my Cherokee and it’s too good to part with anytime soon. Good luck everyone.

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