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Alfa Romeo Launches New Flagship Showroom Model In Milan, Italy!

New Dealer Design Will Focus On The "Premiumness" Of The Italian Marque...

In celebration of the commercial launch of the Tonale in the main European markets, the inauguration of the new Alfa Romeo flagship store at the Stellantis & You Sales & Services took place yesterday in Milan. Located in the city where the world-renowned brand was founded in 1910, it is the first showroom in the world to feature its new Brand Identity: a reinterpretation of the brand’s classic style in a contemporary key.

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Symbolically located in the same places where one could find the Portello in 1910, Alfa Romeo’s first production site, today we witnessed the beginnings of an important, new chapter in the brand’s history. It also further consolidated the inseparable link Alfa Romeo has with the world capital of fashion, design, and Italian creativity. Indeed, they are both symbols of Italian excellence and feed off of one another, making use of their glorious pasts as inspiration for a more sustainable, technological, and bolder future. The focus, however, remains on people, their passions, and inspirations. That’s why Alfa Romeo is providing an immersive customer experience that highlights its values and vision of the future.

With a modern and linear design, Alfa Romeo’s new flagship store is a minimal and technological space that harmoniously combines the elements that make it up. Outside the structure, visitors are welcomed by the traditional cursive writing located above them and a large, reflective red totem at the entrance which conceptually contributes to providing a visceral experience. The customer gets reflected in this object representing the brand’s values, creating a sort of symbiosis between the “tribe” and this new Alfa Romeo location.

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The space features the historic “Alfa Red”, a vibrant and bold color recalling the visceral emotions which have made this brand a symbol of Italian noble sportiness since 1910. The vibrancy of the red is paired with the elegance of gray which, in its many different shades, is capable of expressing the brand’s “premiumness” and the record-breaking technology in the Alfa Romeo range. It is this combination of Passion and Innovation which makes this Italian brand so special and such a key part of Stellantis’ premium cluster.

Inspired by nature, the interiors of the showroom combine materials with unique tactile effects, innovative textures, and colorations that recall the oxidation process of the materials. In this way, the red becomes a splash of magma between the rocks while the warm red LEDs light up all of the exposition areas. The beauty and power of nature are on display and get perfectly integrated with the digital and technological, another distinctive feature of Alfa Romeo’s latest generation of vehicles. Once inside, the visitor can have an engaging and immersive experience while freely visiting the showroom’s various sections.

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For example, in the Lounge Areait is possible to experience the brand’s legendary history while flipping through various books, purchasing merchandise, or simply relaxing at the café. Meanwhile, the “Join the Tribe” area is a portal to the brand’s future where you can check out previews of the Biscione’s upcoming releases and feel part of the Alfa Romeo “tribe”, the special community which shares the brand’s values. Finally, there is a private area in the new showroom for purchases and a location for the After Sales service, which is another key phase in Alfa Romeo’s customer experience, maintaining specific hours to take care of any need a premium client might have.

The clear star of the flagship store in Milan is the new Alfa Romeo Tonale, the first electrified compact SUV in its history. Italian Design, record-breaking technology, electrification, unmatched driving dynamics, and customer focus are the five cornerstones of the Tonale, a strategic model which signals the brand’s metamorphosis towards a new era of connectivity and electrification.

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“The inauguration here in Milan of the first flagship store in the world with the new Brand Identity is a crucial moment for us and an opportunity to inspire the world from Italy by staying true to our roots,“ said Francesco Calcara, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications for Alfa Romeo.

“With the Tonale, Alfa Romeo is experiencing a radical revolution towards a new era of connectivity and electrification. This “metamorphosis” not only applies to products and technology but redefines the entire customer experience, which includes the quality of the services and the Brand Identity,“ stated Calcara.

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“Alfa Romeo wants to offer its customers immersive, and even visceral, experiences everywhere they come into contact with the brand. This starts at our dealers, where customers will be able to explore the brand’s entire ecosystem while they are at the heart of a premium purchase experience,” Calcara commented.

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